Tuesday Thoughts

It’s getting harder for me to find the time and/or motivation to write as my job ramps up. Summer is our busiest time and while I welcome this happy, bustling activity, it makes it hard for me to get in some creative writing. I finally realized that something was better than nothing, so I present some random afternoon thoughts to you.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Hennes & Mauritz logo - H&M to the layperson.

Waiting for your H&M order to arrive is exciting! Will the jeans I ordered fit? How wonderful is it that you can finally order off their website?! Since 2007, I’ve had to drive an hour to shop there.

If you want someone to pay attention to you, move 2,000 miles away. It’s even more effective if you DON’T want that person’s attention.

As a kid you say whatever you want; when you're elderly, you feel that freedom again.

I want to write, I just don’t have anything to say. Actually, I have plenty to say, but because it’s going online it all has to be censored.

On that note, I miss the carefree days of my 13-year-old self who never cared if she hurt anyone’s feelings or said something controversial. Becoming an adult makes you censor yourself constantly.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

PoppiesThere are so many poppies in Estes Park!

I miss wearing high heels.

I could eat the world right now.

Taissa Farmiga in American Horror Story: Coven

Taissa Farmiga in American Horror Story: Coven

I wore a big black sun hat today and I felt like Taissa Farmiga in American Horror Story: Coven. My hat was the source of many comments and compliments throughout the morning – these mountain folk aren’t used to fashionistas.

My tarot card equivalent in numerology.

It looks like another event foretold by my Tarot cards may be coming true. With each event/situation that lines up with the reading I had, I wonder about another event that was foretold by my cards. I also wonder about going to have another reading to get some help with certain relationships (or lack thereof) in my life. Psychics are there to help, people!


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