Friday Figgerins

As in… “How do ya figger?” I don’t know why that made me laugh, but it did.

  1. My 10k training was off to a great start but this week didn’t go so well. It has been hot as blazes here in Colorado, and I just couldn’t muster the strength to push a stroller in the heat. Actually, that’s not true: on Wednesday, we set out with every intention of doing a trail run. The trail was very steep, very rutted and very narrow, so 0.59 miles in, we went back to the car and turned it into a small hike instead. It was fun. Anyhow, I was supposed to run 5 miles this Sunday but since I haven’t run much this week, I am making the executive decision to drop it to 3 and call it good.
  2. I am in heaven right now between new episodes of Better Call Saul and American Horror Story. Saul Goodman is my hero. Sometimes when I’m trying to engage with a new client, I imagine him and it makes me smooth and silver-tongued. Andplusalso, did you see grown-up Michael Langdon at the end of episode 1 of AHS? Yowza. I mean, I know he’s the antichrist, but still.
  3. My daughter is currently obsessed with Trolls and while I know a great many parents get annoyed by it, I do not. I dance around the living room with her and sing all the songs. As soon as the movie ends, she wants to watch it again. I can’t blame her: I’m still like that, and I’m old enough to know better. Her bedroom is really dark now that fall is coming, and we went to Target yesterday and got her a Princess Poppy nightlight. She has been taking it everywhere with her and it’s ridiculously adorable. You know what she said last night when we tucked her in? She said, “Can I play with Princess Poppy all night?” We sort of just looked at each other and said, “No honey, Princess Poppy is tired and she wants to go to sleep.” It cracked me up, though.
  4. Our “gentle” potty training method seems to be paying off at least a little bit. I know a lot of people are proponents of the three-day housebreaking method but knowing what I know about Addy, I don’t think it’s a great idea for her.



10k Training – Round Three

It happened again: once I ran my 5k, I lost my desire to run for fun. I have to accept the fact that I am just one of those people who needs a race on her calendar to keep up the momentum!

The last time I trained for a 10k, I didn’t have very much luck. Addy wasn’t digging her time in the stroller and that made my training runs pretty unenjoyable. But a whole year has passed, and I’m going to embark on a relatively easy training plan courtesy of Jeff Galloway: with the exception of long runs, the training runs are completed by time rather than mileage. I think it’s a good fit, considering the success I’ve had with his walk-run method!

My goal is to finish faster than I did last September. I’ll be running the Kooky Spooky, which was the course I ran in 2015 for my first 10k and the same race series I ran for my half-marathon. I’d like to do another half at some point but probably not until Addy is out of the toddler/preschool stage.

The timing for this training is perfect in a lot of ways. I am in need of a distraction right now; people have actually been coming to my HIIT classes, and I have a steady client I’m do some training with, so I have the perfect amount of cross-training built into my weeks.

Anyway, training starts on Sunday!

Holy Cow!

I completed the Holy Cow Trail Stampede this morning and am still riding the high of a job well done! OK, so I made a few mistakes, like going out too fast (hello, 9:07 Mile 1!); and maybe taking a few more walk breaks than I would have liked to (still working with my trusty 4:1 run-walk method); but overall I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish with a finish time of 31:44.

This is silly, but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t place in my age group (I was 6th). I know that 31:44 isn’t like, you know, a FAST time; however, I had looked up last year’s results and found that if I broke 32 minutes I would be in third place! Unluckily for me, there were faster runners this year. Well, what can you do? I’ll get to that podium someday.


Action shot!

Now the running bug has taken hold of me again, and I have to find a way to quench its mighty thirst. I’m tempted to try my hand at a 10k again like I did last fall, but I also remember how that turned out and how hard it was to sneak training into my life. Maybe I should stick with 5ks for a little while. One thing is for sure: Addy seems to be fine with distances up to 3 miles so at least I once again have a running buddy/coach!

One final word: I had this jar of pre-workout sitting in my kitchen for months and decided to give it a whirl this morning. It tasted like DEATH – think drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth – but I do think it helped me perform better without getting jittery. It could be a placebo effect but for a free jar? I’ll take it.

Back at It!

I’m not sure what has changed, but once I got back from vacation I fully dedicated myself to running and suddenly I like it again! I’m trying to figure out what’s different, and I’m not sure. There are definitely a few factors at play:

  • Addy is no longer on a stroller strike. There were several months that she screamed as soon as I’d start running and wouldn’t stop until we were done. It was not helpful to me. I think for some people, a screaming toddler might help motivate you to run faster; I am not one of those people. It just made me want to give up. And I did.
  • I truly needed a break from feeling negatively about running. Because my heart wasn’t in it, every run felt terrible. I dreaded doing it. I made training calendars but looking at them made me feel overwhelmed and defeated.
  • My running shoes were absolutely destroyed, but I was so anti-running for awhile that I didn’t bother replacing them.
  • Life was just CRAZY for awhile. Between two trips to New England, buying a home, packing and moving, it was hard to fit it all in. Then we moved, and I wasn’t sure where to run. I know that sounds incredibly dumb, but I don’t exactly live for unexpected terrain, traffic patterns, dogs, or anything else on my route. I tentatively ran around our new neighborhood and decided it’s fine, but not for the stroller. Then I drove by a trail a few neighborhoods away and tested it out with the stroller. It was good! Not beautiful, but it seems safe enough and there’s a playground at the end so I can use that to keep Addy’s spirits up.

It feels good to enjoy something I’ve had so much passion for these last several years. It makes me feel more like myself again. I’m anxiously watching the weather for my race next weekend – my first since December! – and it’s a fun pre-race habit I had forgotten about but definitely enjoy.  I’m not sure where I’ll go once the race is over. There’s another charity 5k in September I might sign up for, just to keep the momentum going. At any rate, it feels good to be back AND enjoying it!

I Haven’t Lost the Baby Weight

You know: THE Baby Weight. As in, the defining marker of your worth as a woman. You know what I’m talking about: the headlines of the tabloids and even the more reputable magazines in the checkout aisle that applaud flat-tummied women three weeks after expelling a live human from their uteri while criticizing the ones who look like they were pregnant at some point in their lives.

You know: the women like me.

Increasingly paranoid and dabbling in body dysmorphia, I’ve been looking for those women – you know, the ones like me. Once, I wrote a blog post about it, convinced that they exist but don’t show themselves off as success stories.

Suddenly, I’m not so sure.

Oh sure, plenty of moms complain about what their bodies look like now. They’re justified to feel the way they do, just as I am. But I have yet to meet one single mom whose stomach looks like mine. And do you know what that says to me?

You are a freak. A hideous freak. This is a tale I’ve told myself since childhood, and it hasn’t gone away yet.

Anyway, it’s been two years since my daughter was born, and despite tracking macros and calories, working with a nutritionist, and remaining relatively fit and strong, I am the heaviest I’ve ever been.

All of this is to say (in my most defensive voice):

No, I don’t sit on my ass all day.

No, I don’t eat fast food multiple times a week.

No, I don’t keep ice cream and Doritos in the house.

Some of us are just that genetically unlucky.

Training for a Race

Can you believe it? After breaking up with running late last year, and several failed attempts to restart, I finally decided to write my own training plan and sign up for a race. Sometimes I have to remind myself that if I can write training plans for clients, I can write them for myself, too.

Anyway, I’m running the Holy Cow Trail Stampede on August 11th, which gives me about 3.5 weeks to get back into decent running shape. Now, I’m certainly not expecting miracles. A little over a week ago when I was back in Massachusetts, I took a stab at running what turned out to be about 2.5 miles. Even at sea level, it was a humbling experience. My GI tract was stressed and I kept thinking to myself, “Well, you might finally become a real runner today and have to shit in the woods.” I made it home in 28 minutes, and not a moment too soon.

And although that time wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible, considering my 4:1 walk-run method and a couple of times that forced me to walk longer than that ratio called for. And that’s when I thought, “I think I’m ready again.”

I returned home and put my training plan to work. With each hot, sweaty, nausea-inducing run, I remind myself that practice makes perfect. I just took at peek at the weather for tomorrow and after glimpsing a 98-degree day, I decided to complete my sprints tonight instead, on a treadmill during a lull at work.

And you know what? That made me damn proud of myself. I could have hung it up and said, “Eh, it’s too hot. I’ll do it Friday.” But now I’m ahead of schedule and can check that box on my training calendar.

I can’t complete this post without giving a shout-out to the woman who constantly inspires me in my running journey. Follow her blog here!

West to East and Back Again

WHEW, what a week!!! I mean that, but in a nice way. We took our very first family vacation to the East Coast last week and arrived back safely in the See-Oh last night. Interesting and/or random thoughts from the trip:

  1. Flying with a toddler is not the greatest, even when you have the greatest toddler. Addy is arguably easy, but even she had her moments that only served to make us cringe. Not to mention we had to book through a less-than-stellar airline (*cough cough ‘MURICAN) to get cheaper seats, and not to mention that we couldn’t fly direct for the same reason. We left our house in Colorado at 5:30am MDT on Tuesday and arrived at my parents’ house in Massachusetts around 7:30pm EDT; on the return trip, we left my parents’ house at 9:30am EDT and arrived at our house around 8:00pm MDT. Looooong travel days. She did well, but travel is exhausting even for adults, nevermind fidgety 2-year-olds.
  2. It made me a little melancholy to be around family and see what we’re missing out on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have free babysitters around? Especially ones you trust completely? And wouldn’t it be nice for Addy to have cousins to play with and get to know better? In the same vein, there were still moments that helped me remember that living away is nice, too; and certainly, if we lived closer, the quality of time wouldn’t be as great. These are the things I remind myself when I’m feeling blue.
  3. I don’t miss humidity. Not in the slightest. Yes, the trees are pretty, and the grass is soft and lush. But with that comes swarming insects, and frizzy shrub-head hair, and constant sweating. It was so hot and humid one particular day that I kept drinking water but still never had to pee and that’s just weird, coming from Colorado.
  4. My best friend’s wedding was the best ever. I didn’t expect anything less, but oh. My. GOD. It was so much fun, and the food was delicious, and we danced til we dropped, and then there was an after party with pizza and karaoke – need I say more? Apparently the matron of honor speech I was so terrified to give turned out well, because people kept coming up to me all night to say they loved it! I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole night.
  5. Vacations are exhausting! It was non-stop the whole time; regardless of how tired I was, I wouldn’t have changed a minute of it. I had fun every single day, no matter what we were doing! It was so relaxing to step out of my normal life and just have fun with good company.

It was sad to be here today and get back to reality. Part of me still wonders if we made a huge mistake by choosing to live out here and away from our family and many of our friends; I also know that being on vacation isn’t exactly the same as living somewhere, and there are definitely many reasons we chose to leave. But still, it blows. It blows having to say goodbye to people you love without knowing when you’ll see them next.

That’s all I have to say about that.